Your Photographer

Hey there, friends! I'm Meaghan, the woman behind the camera. I live in the beautiful little state of Rhode Island with my husband, Evan, and our sweet pup, Arya. You'll find me frequenting beer halls and foodie spots around Providence, RI, speaking primarily in movie quotes, puns, and sarcasm or off on another adventure. If you don't take life too seriously and love moody, travel-inspired photography, let's be friends!

What's in a name?

Rhode Tripper is a play on the term "road tripper" - someone who loves to travel primarily via car or bus and enjoys the journey just as much as the destination. Rhode was intentionally selected instead of road as an homage to the beautiful state of Rhode Island,  which I have called home now for 9 years.


Now the biggest question I get asked is why rhode tripper if you're primarily a wedding photographer? Shouldn't that be a travel photographer's name?​ Yes, and no. I draw inspiration from travel photography, which is why I refer to myself as an "adventure wedding and elopement photographer". I love to document both people and places, and I create an environment where every moment and event that I have the pleasure of photographing is an adventure regardless of location - though I'm always down to take a hike or travel internationally for your wedding day!

My Photography Style

On your wedding day, I document your moments and details in a way that captures their essence naturally and artistically. I give more guidance than I do directing you into exact poses because I want you to look at a photo and say "That's so us!" not "That's just like these other 20 photos I saw on Pinterest." Not to worry though, I know you sometimes need to capture a few formals for the traditionalists in your life and exactly how to make them as painless and fun as possible!

My editing is done all by me - I never contract out my work because I'm too much of a control freak to let anyone else touch my photos. I have a detailed eye that translates from real life to edited photographs. The end product is photos that evoke a moody, wanderlust feeling with emphasis on raw emotion, beautiful lighting, and unique locations. 

When it comes to weddings... 

I have spent over 7 years of my life now in the wedding industry working as a bridal stylist, an event coordinator and now in photography so I have a wealth of industry knowledge - don't be afraid to tap into it! What does that mean for you? I know how to fluff your train and bustle your dress, have an eye for the little details, and also have an understanding of the importance of crafting a perfectly flexible timeline. I always have an emergency bag with me full of all the wedding essentials - not just my loads of camera gear - so that you won't have to worry about a thing. Prepare to laugh with me a lot, spend time actually enjoying the company of your partner and loved ones, and have me join you in busting a move on the dance floor all while I document your event. Just grab a glass of champagne, give your new spouse a few extra kisses (that I will photograph of course), and soak it all in!

Here are 11 fun facts about me

(because odd numbers are just better, amiright?)

1. I love all things crafting and DIY home projects

2. I have an eclectic taste in music, and love seeing live shows - everything from the Queen to Thee Oh Sees, Green Day to Anderson .Paak, the Hamilton soundtrack to Elton John - and I have a playlist for every occasion 

3. I have a not so secret Disney obsession - Evan and I are annual pass holders and hobbyist Disney vloggers

4. I'm a Hufflepuff through and through

5. Korean food and burgers are the way to my heart

6. I firmly believe in Leave No Trace, and I work hard to practice sustainability in my daily life

7. I've recently developed a love of thrifting and even sell a lot of my used clothes on Poshmark

8. Coffee is my lifeblood and gin anything is my cocktail of choice

9. I don't think that I'll ever live more than 30 minutes from a Trader Joe's

10. My dream travel destination is Japan, but Evan and I are hoping to visit very soon

11. I love road trips (duh!) - ask me about the time Evan and I drove for 24 hours straight in a blizzard - 10/10 do NOT recommend, but it makes for a great story