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About RTP

Your Photographers

Hey there, friends! I'm Meaghan (she/ her), the main woman behind the camera. I live in the beautiful little state of Rhode Island with my husband and second shooter, Evan (he/ him), and our sweet rescue pups, Arya (she/her) and Ginny (she/her). You'll find us frequenting beer halls and foodie spots around Providence, RI, speaking primarily in movie quotes, puns, and sarcasm or off on another adventure. If you don't take life too seriously and love moody, urban travel-inspired photography with a little grain and a whole lotta personality, let's be friends!

Our Beliefs

At RTP, we practice inclusivity and anti-racism. We welcome people of all sizes, races, sexualities, genders, ages, and religions with a big consensual bear hug. We believe that you deserve to have a wedding or elopement experience that is reflective of and celebrates you as a unique and beautiful people and your love in all forms!

What's in a name?

Rhode Tripper is a play on the term "road tripper" - someone who loves to travel primarily via car or bus and enjoys the journey just as much as the destination. Rhode was intentionally selected instead of road as an homage to the beautiful state of Rhode Island, of which Evan is a native and Meaghan has called home now for over 10 years.


We draw inspiration from travel photography. There's no better feeling than packing up the car and hitting the open road with your babe en route to an exciting destination! We love to bring that vibe into our approach for shooting couples that are madly in love - lots of movement, a killer playlist, and the enjoyment of the journey just as much as the excitement of reaching the destination (or in our case, showing you the finished photos). Your elopement or wedding day is an adventure regardless of where it's located - though we're always down to travel with you on your wedding day!

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Here are 11 fun facts about us

(because odd numbers are just better, amiright?)

1. Meaghan loves all things crafting and DIY home projects

2. We have an eclectic taste in music, have a collection of over 500 records and love seeing live shows - everything from the Queen to Thee Oh Sees, Green Day to Anderson .Paak, the Hamilton musical to Elton John - and we have a lengthy playlist for every occasion 

3. We have a not so secret Disney obsession - we are annual pass holders and hobbyist Disney/ travel vloggers

4. Evan has been in 4 bands throughout his life as a singer, guitarist, and most recently a drummer/ backup singer

5. Korean food, burgers or a good local beer are the quickest way to our hearts

6. We firmly believe in Leave No Trace and work hard to practice sustainability in our daily lives

7. Meaghan has recently developed a love of thrifting and even sells a lot of her used clothes on Poshmark

8. Evan makes some of the best brekkie sandos in the world. He swears that we should open a late night breakfast joint someday

9. We don't think that we'll ever live more than 30 minutes from a Trader Joe's

10. We are both Hufflepuffs, but no we don't approve of she who shall not be named

11. We love road trips (duh!) - ask us about the time that we drove for 24 hours straight in a blizzard - 10/10 do NOT recommend, but it makes for a great story