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  • Meaghan D'Abrosca

Dreamy Garden Proposal at Stone Acres Farm

When Jon reached out to me about his intent to propose to Steph at Stone Acres Farm, I couldn't say yes fast enough! I used to be an event planner, and Stone Acres was one of my absolute favorite venues to work at. Between the beautiful old farm house, the wild yet manicured gardens, and the stunning greenhouses it was just the perfect little gem in Southern New England for a wedding and in this case, a proposal.

Stone Acres Farm House Proposal Stonington, CT

Jon and Steph met while they were both undergraduates at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Steph says that Jon was one of her very first friends that she made while in college, but it wasn't until their junior year that they finally started dating.

After graduation, Steph took on a fellowship opportunity in Africa, so they had to do long distance for a little while until they shortened that distance quite a bit and began working in neighboring countries in Southern Africa! Talk about an adventurous couple! Because of this, adventuring and traveling the world together has become such a huge part of their relationship. At the moment, they're packing up their life in Boston to move across the country to the San Francisco area for Jon to attend graduate school! They've been together for almost 7 years now so Jon decided it was about time to pop the question before they made the big move across the country together.

Summer Nights Dinner at Stone Acres Farm with 85th Day Food Community

During the pandemic, Jon and Steph weren't able to travel or go out as much as they were used to so the outdoor Summer Nights at Stone Acres dinners offered by 85th Day Food Community became such a wonderful getaway for the two of them to safely experience some sense of normalcy during an otherwise crazy year. Jon knew that this would be the perfect place for him to propose to Steph,

Jon knew that Steph was a big fan of the gardens at Stone Acres, so as soon as he had the chance, he dropped to one knee among the flowers and asked Steph to marry him, and of course, she said YES!

After the proposal, I took them off on a little adventure around the gardens for some photos in the main greenhouse and the boxwood gardens. Then, we walked over to their dinner table for Steph to be met with another surprise - both of their families waiting there to celebrate their engagement and join them for dinner as well! It was a night full of so much love, excitement, and excellent food, and I'm so grateful to have been a small part of it. Congratulations Steph and Jon!!

Portrait shoot in the sunflower field of Providence overlooking the city.

Meaghan is the owner and lead photographer of Rhode Tripper Photography, a wedding and elopement photography company. She lives in Rhode Island, USA with her husband, Evan, and her rescue pup, Arya. You can frequently find her hitting up all the best foodie spots, barcades, and music venues around Providence, RI likely with her Fuji camera in tow.

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