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Black and Female Owned Online Small Shops to Support This Gift Giving Season

If you're like me, you probably are sitting here thinking about how you were so ready to start Christmas gift shopping back in October, and now you have no idea what to get for those last minute gifts. You're probably also wondering the best way you can support some small businesses this year while not being able to do much in-person shopping. As much as I love a good trip to Target, I've made a conscious decision to do as much shopping from small businesses as possible from now on.

To help you out, I've rounded up some pretty incredible small shops that are all available online organized by product type! That means you can shop in your jammies while supporting some wonderful artists and business all over the US. What's even better? All of these small shops are either black or female owned - or both!



Claytec Boutique

Rosanna makes these gorgeous small batch earrings and necklaces out of polymer clay in modern geometric designs. They are amazing quality and reasonably priced, which means you can just buy more! She runs her business from her kitchen in Portland, Maine, and you can purchase these beauties and many more online through her Etsy shop! You can also follow along on her Instagram to see whenever she drops a new design, and trust me, you'll want to give her a follow to stay in the know!

Clover B Jewelry

I first learned about Rachel's business at the Providence Flea Market where I was instantly drawn to her designs. She hand makes her jewelry using sustainable practices, beautiful metals, and semiprecious gemstones. As you can see, I own a ring myself that is such a fun statement piece and very versatile in my wardrobe! You can purchase rings, necklaces, cuffs, and more through her website and follow along on her Instagram to see her latest work, travels to curate stones, pop ups at the flea, and more.

Moon (re)Cycles

These two amazing ladies, Liz and Jess, sell their custom, handmade earrings from their homes in Colorado through Instagram. These aren't just any old earrings though - they're all made with up-cycled bike tubes! They've also used other natural elements such as stones and porcupine quills (no animals were harmed!) in their designs. You can almost always get a deal during a full moon, and they're known to collaborate with other local businesses to bring you some great gift combos. You can purchase their beautiful pieces and even commission a piece by sending them a DM on their Instagram page. I, myself, own a pair of their signature feather earrings, and I always get compliments on them!

Clothing + Accessories

Piper & Scoot

I purchase all of my favorite dresses (like the one in this photo - that's me on the right) from Piper & Scoot. It's a small female-owned business based in Utah. I've bought everything from dresses to jumpsuits, sweaters, boots, and accessories. They are focused on trying to offer more size-inclusive options for all people, and they always have free shipping. I don't know about you, but I am always more likely to buy things when there's free shipping involved! You can buy everything online here and follow their Instagram to watch weekly try-on videos and catch some great sale announcements!

Tree Fairfax

This small black, female-owned business sells stunning leather bags all handmade using high-quality, locally sourced leather. She has seen a huge increase in business recently so there is a small wait to get your bags, but it's absolutely worth it for these beauties! Purchase your favorites pieces on her website, and follow her on her Instagram here.

Art, Home Decor + More

Amy Elena Designs

Amy is a small shop owner and designer based in Maine. She does custom crafts and also has a gorgeous collection on Society6 of her prints on various home items, phone cases, and more! One of my favorites is pictured here - the Maine printed throw pillow. I am a sucker for a fun or kooky throw pillow! You can find her designs on her website and follow her Instagram page for more fun.

Frugal Bookstore

This is black-owned independent bookstore operating a physical storefront in Roxbury, MA (Boston) with an online option as well. Independently owned bookstores are near and dear to my heart because as I've come to find out, authors frequently get paid way less for purchases made in places like Amazon. Their info page boasts that they will also special order just about any book for you even if they don't regularly carry it and are happy to have a conversation about any title! Can Amazon do that for you? Pretty sure that's a big fat no! Shop their online bookstore here.

Harlem Candle Co.

I couldn't make a list of my favorite small shops without mentioning a place to get candles. There is something extra cozy about candles and the way the seductive scents fill the house. This black, female owned business produces luxury candles inspired by famous black people in history. For example, their website says that this winter candle called "Holiday" is inspired by Billie Holiday and her "favorite perfume, Emeraude, an aromatic green blend of fresh Winter spruce, pine needles, mint-infused eucalyptus, fir balsam and spicy cedarwood developing into a feminine heart of ethereal blue hyacinth," and it's absolutely incredible! Also, how beautiful are the jars? Order your candles on their website and follow their Instagram for beautiful and inspiring images.

Johanna in the Haus

This female owned small shop has so many amazing pieces to choose from - colorful clay earrings, custom pet paintings, stickers, ornaments, and more! She's also a fabulous art teacher. She has an Etsy shop that you can purchase these adorable pieces from, and also you can check out her Instagram to see all of her custom creations as well. She's also just an absolute sweetheart and has some great positive energy to fill in your feed!

Rachel Antonia Designs

Rachel has been a friend of mine since we were in high school. She has an amazing collection of hand illustrated art that she prints and sells on mugs, canvases, greeting cards, recipe cards, and more. She also does custom and commissioned pieces - she's even creating my logo for me right now. My favorite thing about her art is that it's all hand illustrated using markers so the colors are super vibrant! You can purchase her items on her Etsy shop, reach out to work on a commissioned piece with her on her website, and connect with her on her Instagram and TikTok where she showcases her amazing work and her adorable apartment decorating skills!

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